Father’s Day Gift Ideas

There’s still time! I’ve rounded up a few Father’s Day gift ideas if you’re still on the hunt for the perfect gift. It’s been a crazy year so far so I’m sure there are a lot of Dads out there who deserve something a little extra special to let them…

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Kaitlynn Senior Session

What a crazy year to be a graduate. This is my niece, Kaitlynn (well, we call her Kait) and she is one of the many who had her senior year of high school cut short. Like most seniors this year, there was no prom, no senior walk, no senior night,…


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7th Birthday Celebration

7up for the 7 Year Old! First things first, the party planner in me did not particularly enjoy having to plan a “quarantine birthday party.” I didn’t get to design themed invitations or find a cute evite to send out. I had a severe brain block when trying to come…