Goelz Goals Turns One!

Happy Birthday, Goelz Goals!

ONE YEAR AGO I made the decision to just go ahead and jump out of my comfort zone. I decided to just go for it and launch this little space of my own in this big internet world. I needed somewhere to let my creativity flow because I had let it build up for a few too many years. I spent the time at home during quarantine helping design my blog and all the things that comes with it. I remember the night I worked up the courage to finally tell Kevin that this was what I wanted to do… and that I was going to do it. I remember the morning I woke up and made that very first post on Instagram. And one year later… I wouldn’t change a thing!

Do I have any idea what I’m actually doing with all of this? Nope. Some days I admittedly want to just say that it’s too much and be done… but it always seems that within the next day or two after I feel like this that someone reaches out to me and it reminds me why I’m doing it. So, why am I doing it? Because this is SO MUCH FUN to me and it brings me more joy than I could have imagined! The joy for me comes from doing what I love, and what I love is just being in full-blown creative mode. Taking pictures, editing pictures (one of my most favorite things that I do), finding the best light, creating graphics, styling outfits… I thrive on all of this. And not to mention meeting new people, creating new friendships, working with brands and my favorite local spots… how can this not be fun?

I’ve grown a lot in the last year. I’m a different person than I was at the beginning of May 2020. And if you ask me, it’s because I decided to come out of a shell that I had always been so comfortable in. I always knew that I needed to come out of it, but I was never quite sure how to do that. Going for something I really wanted changed all of that, and I’m so happy to be where I am today. So, if you’re on the brink of stepping out of your comfort zone but you’re scared like I was… just do it. Go for it. I will admit though that I’m still not completely cool with people watching when someone is taking my picture, but I’m slowly getting over this fear!

A big shout out/THANK YOU to those of you who decided to check out my blog and follow my Instagram and decided to stick around to see more. Another thank you to my husband, kids, family and friends who take pictures for me and with me and understand this crazy thing that I’ve got going on… you’re all the real MVPs and I couldn’t do this without you!

If you’re still here, I hope you choose to stick around and help me continue to celebrate everything!

A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.